Welcome to PrivateGarb where creativity is priority!

PG is not just an online shopping store, it's a place where creative designs host everyday products. PG is that place where innovate music is found. PrivateGarb offers both and a little more.
>Clothing is what's worn
>Music is what rocks the soul

Products personally designed with one-of-a-kind images. Inspirational designs displayed on all over sublimated garments; mugs; prints; hoodies; t-shirts; CD covers, so on and so on.
Music created from original ideas. Witty expressive vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way to express innovative emotions.

Check out our Catalog of fitted dresses, pencil skirts, leggings, tanks and more!

Pick up rocking sounds from PG music selections.

Want to hear before purchasing? No worries, listen before buying.

Get Yours Now! Quality products enhanced with unique designs and music that inspires good vibes.

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